For improved fruit size, quality and yield in blueberries, cherries, grapes and pears

Splendor contains forchlorfenuron, a powerful plant growth regulator, and is formulated to help increase size and yield in addition to improving quality in a variety of fruits.

In sweet cherries, Splendor gives you control of fruit size increase, based on rate used and timing, and promotes better resistance to splitting from rain when applied at color break. In pears, Splendor promotes increased yield per acre and fruit size with minimal elongated calyx end formation when applied 15 to 25 days post-petal fall. Used on grapes, it can increase berry set or size, depending on application timing, and can be used to delay harvest, based on rate used and timing. When applied to blueberries during bloom, Splendor improves fruit set and berry size, and is useful to delay fruit maturity, depending on rate used and timing.

Active Ingredient:
00.8 % forchlorfenuron
Registered Crop:
cherries, pears, grapes, blueberries
State Registrations:
Pack Sizes:
12 x 1 quart

Always read and follow label directions. Splendor® is a registered trademark of KIM-C1, LLC. © 2017 Fine Americas, Inc.